Benchmark’s seasonal offers for Spring 2024

Benchmark has a wide selection of seasonal offers for all of our services. Looking for cleaning services for your carpets, tile, upholstery or air ducts this spring? Benchmark has you covered with the newest collection of seasonal offers, and services created especially for you.

Shop By Conditions, May 2024 – ON SALE NOW

Winter Mold & Mildew Treatments – Spring 2024

Spring Cleaning – Special Offers, May 2024

Allergies / Indoor Air Quality Treatments, Spring 2024

Pet Odors & Pet Repair Treatments, Spring 2024

Area Rug Cleaning for Spring 2024

20% OFF Area Rug Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning for Spring 2024

Carpet Cleaning for Spring 2024

Pressure Washing for Spring 2024

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning for Spring 2024

Leather Furniture Spring 2024

Dryer Vent Cleaning for Spring 2024