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The Cleaner Longer Window Cleaning Package is the most popular choice all packages offered. The highlights include, exterior and interior window cleaning, botanical cleaning solutions, and the Award-winning Core 10-Step Cleaning Process!  

Step #1.  Pre Inspection:  Every window is thoroughly inspected before cleaning, noting level of soiling, and concerns.

Step #2.  Safety Preparation:  Landscaping, shrubbery, siding and more is protected and cared for around the outside of your home.

Step #3.  Screen Removal:  Screens are carefully removed with specialized tools to safely open up the window cleaning area.

Step #4.  Pre-Treatment: Special window cleaning solutions are applied to the window, and gently agitated with window cleaner’s wool to break free any firmly attached soils.

Step #5. PureWater™ Cleaning System:We use out PureWater™ cleaning system to dislodge, and disengage hard to reach dust and dirt particles from the glass and frame.

Step #6. Dirt and Dust Removal:Particles / debris are removed using our powerful squeegee, and/or brushes system.

Step #7.  Neutralize:  Every window we clean is “dust neutralized” so dust has a hard time attaching itself to the window.

Step #8.  Post Treatment:  Any dust or debris still remaining will get an extra treatment with our steps #4 – #7 again.

Step #9:  Post Reinstallation:  All screens are reinstalled with care.

Step #10:  Post Inspection:  A post walkthrough is performed with you to make sure you are thrilled!

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