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Our goal is to help you enjoy the environmental and economic benefits of selecting BenchMark. We adopt a family-friendly approach that emphasizes accessibility, transparency, and efficiency so you can make well-informed decisions that let you take care of your home.

Our process is built on the understanding that no 2 homes are the same. That’s why we go the extra mile in learning about our clients, understanding their homes, and crafting customized solutions that last.

Our process consists of 8 simple steps:

  1. Assess your current needs.
  2. Give a detailed explanation of the services you will receive.
  3. Help you find the best date and time for your services.
  4. Conduct a site inspection of your areas of service.
  5. Collaborate în the “Plan of Attack” with you to ensure that you receive exactly what you wanted.
  6. Provide the detailed services starting with our Core 10-steps.
  7. Serve as a resource for questions, concerns and industry advice.
  8. Celebrate with you when you when your thrilled by our results.
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First, you provide us with a few details about the services you prefer via phone call. We use this to determine what equipment, cleaning solutions (if cleaning), the number of needed technicians your home requires. If, at first, you wonder if your home is able to benefit-fully from the service, don’t worry. You still are on track to have a home that is environmentally beneficial to you and your family, while economically saving you in the long run.. This is because your home will be maintained in such a way that while the usage by your family stays the same, the wear and tear never manifest.

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Some owners can produce a 35% spike in their indoor air quality score. Others can produce 85%. And some produce well over 100%. It all depends on environmental factors, but no matter what, they are always connected to a cleaning resource to meet their indoor air quality needs.

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Once we’ve assessed your home’s restoration or cleaning needs, we provide a free custom restoration or cleaning plan for your services. The most important thing to remember in this stage is that each home is different. With this in mind, our expert technicians may adjust the method varying from home to home to achieve the optimal results learned from Step 1. Assess current restoration or cleaning needs.

When onsite, we take a closer look at your home, noting the conditions including relative humidity (RH), temperature inside the home and out, and the moisture content in percentage. From there, we cross-reference that information with your service needs to calculate how long it will take to dry and if further services are necessary to achieve your goals.

While some of our services offer the capacity to restore, meaning if it’s a water damage restoration to bring the home back to original conditions, or cleaning to ensure your healthiest home, our standard core package, the Freshen Up is designed to give you the baseline, providing good value at the most economical price for you and your home’s needs.  This is possible when you like to maintain your homes furnishing frequently, every 6 months or so. In this scenario, your services received is your primary source of indoor air quality maintenance, and asset protection, while your day to day cleaning acts as an easy supplement, versus you “deep cleaning” yourself back to ok.

Our secure cart checkout system on our website is one of the main ways we make scheduling dates and times easier than other providers in the market. We use our own safe online store to allow you to shop and schedule without delay. If you use this feature, we will still reach out to you so we know the exact goals, and to understand the context of what you are wanting to achieve.

You can also use the chat feature at the bottom of the webpage screen titled “Questions? Text us here”, which will send us a message instantly to help you as quickly and easily as possible. Feel free to also give us a call! We have trained technicians ready to answer any questions you have.

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With the online or over-the-phone booking completed and the pricing finalized, the next step is conducting an in-depth assessment the day of the service. We send a trained and experienced Service Technician to your home where they take the time to walk through the areas with you, understand you goals for the service, note the conditions that are favorable and also the not-so-favorable.

If it’s a water damage, he will take moisture readings, using probes for moisture content, thermal imaging cameras, and thermohygrometers to identify the scope of the affected area. If cleaning, the Technician will use moisture probes, UV lights, and identify the exact mediums they may be cleaning such as fiber type if carpet, or Upholstery, etc.

When your Technician, feels that the truly understands your needs, and is comfortable that your pre-ordered service is right for you, he will begin. If your Technician feels the service might miss your intended goal, he will advise you of the other options available to you. If it seems like the outcome still won’t meet your goals, not to worry, just because the Technician is at your home you are not obligated to pay for the service. Better to leave as friends, than frustrated acquaintances.

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We understand that you want to enjoy your service as quickly and painlessly as possible. That’s why we’re committed to our 100% 30-day Service Guarantee. If for any reason, you feel our service isn’t right, we will rush back out and care for any concerns you may have. We arrive with all the equipment and professionals we need to get the job done well. When we’re finished, we clear the site of all of our equipment and restore your home to the way we found it. In the end, the only evidence that we were there is that your concerns are gone.

We attribute our speed to a few key practices. First and foremost, our entire labor team consists of all in-house employees. Furthermore, all of our Technicians and Customer Service Representatives carry the appropriate licensing, insurance, and background checks to operate in your home safely.

We design your services to be compatible with the industry standards (I.I.C.R.C.) and compliant with all manufacturer warrantees in your home. That’s why we act as a resource for personnel from the Manufacturers, Insurance Companies and Certification industry throughout the areas we service.

During this time, we’re happy to answer any questions they may have in the course of an inspection. We’ll acquaint you with the equipment and method noting that we provide multiple ways of achieving your goals that still meet your assets warranties.

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Finally, with your service finalized and inspected, you’re ready to get it on! From this moment on, you will have a home free from cost training repairs, air that has the highest rating of indoor air quality (IAQ), resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and increased financial savings for you. 

BenchMark’s service to you doesn’t stop once your service is complete.  We provide discounted maintenance cleans every six months for the first 2 years after your service.  

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