Pet Odor Removal Services

Having a plan of action when odor problems arise can make all the difference when it comes to minimizing damage and the effects on your family’s home, and well-being. Benchmark has been the professional expert people trust to deliver the best carpet pet odor removal and restoration services available.

Trust our experienced techs for your Pet Odor Removal Services.

Most in the Portland-Metro area know BENCHMARK as the leader in the odor removal with more than 35 years of experience. So many of our odor removal services—such as urine, dog oil, smoke, etc, —involve the healthiness, and appeal of your home.

When you call on us for your home’s odor removal, and other related services, we bring that experience and our training, just as we do to any other cleaning or restoration service we provide.


Guaranteed Odor Removal

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Removal of affected materials, cleaning, sealing, and replacing areas (carpet, padding, drywall, etc)

Topical Odor Control

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A Topical Odor Control Service is very similar to our Guaranteed Odor Control. The difference is that we treat “topically” without removing affected materials.

Urine Digestor

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Appropriate for extremely minor accidents that are “new”.

Wet Dog Smell / Musty Odor

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Appropriate for extremely minor accidents that are “new”.

Urine Restoration

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In addition to causing significant property damage, urine can produce allergens and irritants that can cause health effects. BENCHMARK understands the affects of urine and bacteria growth, and has the training and equipment to remove the urine in your home or business.

Smoke & Other Odors

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Smoke, cooking odors, bacteria, mildew are all curable with our detailed odor treatments.

The BENCHMARK standard for home Pet Odor Removal Services

Timely Cleans

Cleaning can be scheduled same day, or out in the future, tailoring are arrival times, and arrival dates to whatever your needs may be. Cleans are also efficient with a 10-step process at their core to guarantee the best clean.

Highly Trained Techs

We use specialized equipment and proprietary solutions to clean and sanitize the the carpets in your home, while ensuring healthiest method possible during the cleaning process.

#1 Cleaner in PDX

We’ve earned the reputation as the leader in the carpet cleaning with more than 35 years of experience. So our carpet cleaning services involve the healthiness, and appeal of your home.

Easier Scheduling

BENCHMARK will help you navigate the questions and concerns, either in-person, or virtually. No matter which way you prefer to schedule an appointment, we’ve got you covered.

About Benchmark’s Pet Odor Removal Services

Pets are an important part of many households, but they can also create unwanted odors in your home. Benchmark Restoration and Cleaning understands the importance of keeping your home clean and fresh, which is why they offer pet odor removal services. In this article, we will discuss some of the key benefits of Benchmark Restoration and Cleaning’s pet odor removal services.

Expertise and Experience

One of the main benefits of using Benchmark Restoration and Cleaning’s pet odor removal services is their expertise and experience. Their team of professionals has extensive experience in removing pet odors from a variety of surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, and hard flooring. They understand the unique challenges associated with removing pet odors, and are equipped to handle them.

Effective Odor Removal

Pet odors can be stubborn and difficult to remove, especially if they have penetrated deep into carpet fibers or other surfaces. However, Benchmark Restoration and Cleaning uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to effectively remove pet odors from your home. They use specialized products and techniques to neutralize the odors at the source, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

Customized Solutions

Benchmark Restoration and Cleaning understands that each pet and household is unique, which is why they offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs. They will work with you to develop a pet odor removal plan that addresses the specific odor issues in your home. Whether you have a single pet or multiple pets, they can develop a plan that works for you.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Removing pet odors can also improve the indoor air quality of your home. Pet odors can contribute to poor air quality, which can cause respiratory issues for you and your family. By removing pet odors, you can breathe easier and enjoy a healthier home environment.


Using Benchmark Restoration and Cleaning’s pet odor removal services is also cost-effective. Instead of replacing carpets or other surfaces, they can effectively remove pet odors, which can save you money in the long run. They also offer flexible scheduling, making it easy to fit cleaning into your busy schedule.

In conclusion, Benchmark Restoration and Cleaning’s pet odor removal services offer a range of benefits, including expertise and experience, effective odor removal, customized solutions, improved indoor air quality, and cost-effectiveness. Their team of professionals understands the unique challenges associated with removing pet odors, and are equipped to handle them. By using their services, you can enjoy a clean and fresh home, even with pets in the house.

Need Pet Odor Removal Services?

Homeowners should be aware of a few things in the odor removal process. First, locations should be identified to increase their chances of removal. This could be carpets, baseboards, subfloors, and more. Your technician will often begin by using a multitude of “specialty” solutions, either by hand or using a special sprayer, to disengage the holding power of the stain to your carpet. This basic step is an important one in the odor cleaning process. 

Odor removal professionals use a variety of equipment that may be mounted on a truck or they may use portable systems. Solutions may also be used to help sanitize, disinfect and deodorize your leather. It’s very important to deal with an experienced and reputable company to be sure that only solutions that are environmentally friendly are used in the odor removal process.

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What is the cost to have residential pet odors cared for?

The cost of odor removal varies greatly depending on the size and complexity of your system and building. Click GET STARTED to see your personalize pricing…

How long does it take for pet odor to be cleaned?

Cleaning Length: The time to remove your pet odors, smoke odors, etc, depends on the number of areas, and the amount of contents that require moving before, and after your cleaning. That said, most cleans take about 3-4 Hours.

Drying Length: Drying time can vary based on your leather type, severity of soiling, and humidity in the air. On it’s own, a leather can take approximately 2-3 hours to dry.

Speed Drying: The BENCHMARK DrySteem™ System cuts the drying time in half, and if your prefer are speed drying package, your leather could be dry the touch within an hour of your technician completing the clean.

Why should I have my pet odor cleaned?

According to the EPA, some research suggests that a cleaning improves the indoor air quality in your home. Improving the indoor air quality may lead to a healthier life and cost savings in replacements down the road.

Urine Treatment Services & Pricing

*Most Thorough


Cleaning Included

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Wet Dog / Musty Pet Odor

This odor is extremely tricky to remove – but it is possible, because we successfully do it all the time!

What is it and how do you get rid of it?

It can take up to 4 stages to remove a “wet dog” odor. Why? This odor comes from the oils in pet hair. When those oils come in contact with humidity, the bacteria (attracted to the oil), emits a “fragrance”. If your dealing with this problem you already know what that “fragrance” is.

Why is it tricky to remove? The pet hair weaves itself into the very fibers of your carpet, so it is now, part of the floor covering itself.

If it gets wet, it sticks to the carpet fibers in a way where they cannot be removed. So…


Dry removal must take place, of as much pet hair and insolubles as possible before beginning the clean. We do this by lifting the carpet pile, and extracting as much as possible (dedicated time), to remove the pet hair.


Treat for oils with an all natural product that encapsulates, and dissolves the odor causing bacteria. We then aash the carpet, with special cleaning agents designed to remove the fatty acids and minerals from the area. Then we finish with a final clean and sanitize of all affected areas

STAGE #3 (If needed – at additional cost)

Our Electrostatic Botanical Sanitizing Treatment treats more than just the flooring, but also kills odors on contact at a molecular level, making odors disappear from the cracks and crevices that are not reached even by a water molecule.

STAGE #4 (If needed – at additional cost)

Using activated oxygen sanitizing removes any residual odor on an even finer level than Stage 3, ensured the difficulties and challenges of wet dog odor are eliminated.