Threshold Repair


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Our technicians are experienced and equipped to perform threshold repairs.  Thresholds are found in doorways, transitions from carpet to a hard surface, etc.

Because of our carpet installation background, threshold repair is part of our DNA in the service industry.


STEP #1:  We will inspect the areas of concern to ensure the best possible outcome for the threshold repair.

STEP #2:  Old thresholds will be removed and the carpet “cleaned” up, by trimming out fraying areas, crooked seams, etc.

STEP #3:  Carpet is trimmed to have perfectly straight lines.

STEP #4:  New professional threshold is put in place.

STEP: #5:  Carpet Edges are stretched into the threshold using a professional carpet stretcher ensuring a bond to as tight or tighter than upon original installation.

STEP #6:  Post Inspection to ensure you are thrilled with the job!

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