Carpet Restretching


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After a period of time, depending on soiling, traffic and installation, carpet occasionally gets loose or damaged. If you have buckles, ripples, or waves in your carpet, we can help.

We will get your carpet as tight or tighter than it was when it was newly installed.  Best of all since loose carpet wears faster than a properly stretched one, Benchmark’s repair and restretching can add years of live to your carpet.

BENCHMARK technicians have the tools, training and experience (35 years), to stretch your carpet, often times tighter than when it was originally installed.


STEP #1:  Pre Inspection of carpet conditions, and preparation of the area

STEP #2:  Furniture Moving is included, so any needed furnishings will be moved to get you the best restretch possible.

STEP#3:  We will use powerstrechers, and more expertise tools to ensure your best restretch.

STEP#4:  Furniture will be put back in place when finished.

STEP#5:  Post-Inspection: We will walk through with you and make sure you are thrilled with the job!

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