Cleaning a rug with dog pee.



Cleaning a rug with dog pee is tricky.

The other day, I was hanging out at a friends house.  I was checking out his new area rugs, trying to come up with some recommendations for how he can take good care of them.

I saw a something that was a little surprising! His new area rug had already been peed on by his dog.  Area rugs can be super valuable. I had plans for how he could protect his investment well into the future.

When I started digging deeper, his rug was going to we worthless, and also harmful to the indoor air quality of their home!!  Sometimes, owning a home with an indoor pet is an emotional roller coaster.

You take stock in how clean your home is and measure by how well you’re keeping up on all the chores and tasks, like my buddy’s home.

Unfortunately, if you take the time to look you commonly find pet urine in area rugs.This is exactly what happened to my friend’s rug, and he didn’t even know it.

Dog pee in your area rug is a pain in the butt for home owners owners and happens all the time, and it can be extremely embarrassing if you’re unaware of it until a visitor notices it.

If you’ve been seeing some spots on your rugs that you don’t recognize, and you have a pet,  it’s most likely urine.  Don’t worry. You’re not the victim without the ability to fix the problem.

In fact, it happens to every homeowner who lives with their pets.

Thankfully, there’s a fix.

Once you take the steps to clean the pet urine in your rug, your home’s indoor air quality is greatly improved.  Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t even know how to recognize pet pee.

That’s not anyone’s fault! But it is gross isn’t it?

But this article is for all of your who have this problem.

First, let’s talk about how to identify pet urine.  Then, I’ll show you exactly how to clean your rug to help prevent from happening again.

How to identify pet urine in a rug

Like I mentioned before, pets often pee on rugs.

We recently ran a test of the area rugs that they have cleaned to determine how many had traces of urine in the fibers.

Out of 50 area rugs where the homeowners had pets, 46 showed either traces, or were saturated with pet urine.  That basically means that there is a 92% chance that if you are living with a pet, your area rug has urine in it.

To find dog pee, start with visual look over.  Is there any discoloration or bleeding of the dyes?

Is there any brown spots? Urine attracts dirt, and stains will emerge.  Check the backing – is there discoloration circles?

Lucky for us, BenchMark has the handy capability to probe the rug fibers and identify all the areas that have been contaminated by urine.

In other words, we have advanced detection, and identification procedures.  Next, what about odor?

If you don’t notice it immediately, get closer.  Cup your hands over the rug, is and smell again.  Is there a recognizable smell?

If it’s an odor but your not sure if it’s urine, it still probably needs the clean, am I right?

Cleaning a rug with dog pee.

If you are trying to do this yourself, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (I.I.C.R.C.) has good tips.

They certify area rug cleaners nation-wide in quality cleaning.  There are a few things I should mention, before we get into this step.

First, you want to remove any loose or breakable items from any furniture on your rug.  When cleaning the area rug for dog pee it’s important to see all the potential areas that are affected across the whole rug.  Often times urine can settle under the legs of furniture.

Second, find a good place to perform the clean.  Consider any cleaners that can affect the flooring underneath the area rug.

Next, what solution should you use?

I only use solutions from the BioCare™ line of products.  They work extremely well, and are pet, child and eco-safe.

If your looking for a Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) solution, they commonly include rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or baking soda.  These can help, but can also bleach out the dye of the rug as well, so be careful.

You then have to recreate the level of saturation…This is where it get’s tricky.  How do you at home extract the equal amount of fluid?  You usually can’t unless it a extremely small area.

We actually flush the urine out of the area rug with a large volume of cleaning solution & water in our cleaning spa.  This is the best way, and safest way when cleaning a rug with dog pee.

We use a system called DrySteem™ extraction and it actuall dry’s area rugs in about 1/2 the time of a regular process, and about 3/4 the time of a do-it-yourself clean.

This prevents bacteria, and odors from growing because of lingering moisture.

How to dry your area rug

This is also a challenge.  Living in the Portland Oregon area, we don’t have a lot of low humidity days.  That means area rug drying has to be done inside.

The best way, is to drape your area rug over a ladder or chairs.

  1. Place as many fans on the rug you have.
  2. Keep the temperature at or above 70 degrees until dry.

At our rug spa we use a environmentally controlled chamber to dry your area rugs.

This ensure the most effective drying time and it’s safe and quick.  At your home there is always potential home the damage the carpet or hardwood floor in this stage.


For my friend, we performed a clean and BioCare™ Durasan sanitizing treatment on his rug.  It returned to normal, and his home looked, smelled, and felt cleaner.

BioCare™ and other quality solution companies are working to fight dog pee concerns better, but there’s no perfect d-i-y solution except when hiring quality professional cleaner.

Unfortunately, the “do it yourself” method doesn’t completely eliminate pee odors or stains at the same level of a professional cleaning – but in a pinch you can get by.

Another thing, with a d-i-y clean it’s safe to say that if you have a rug with dog pee, you may continue to face this concern for a while, because pets tend to go in the same spot.

That’s why it’s critical to regularly clean your area rugs, to help prevent the instinct of having them pee there again.  If a dog pee smell is infiltrating your home, and all this seems complicated, take action.

Trust me–Cleaning a rug with dog pee is absolutely worth your time.

What are your favorite home pet odor removal remedies?

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