10 Cleaning Hacks Before Guests Hit Your Home this Season.

Clean it, like you mean it: Top 10 Cleaning Hacks Before Guests Hit Your Home This Season.

What’s up, dirt fighters? Adam Vermilyea here, and today we’re gonna talk about crushing it in the cleaning game before your family shows up this season. You know how I roll – no excuses, no slacking. We’re going all in, leaving no stone unturned. When guests hit your place, you want them to be blown away, not checking out the dust bunnies under your couch. Let’s dive into the top 10 cleaning services you gotta nail before your family party kicks off.

Top 10 Cleaning Hacks For This Season

  1. Declutter Like a Boss: Don’t be a hoarder, my friends. Grab those trash bags and declutter like you’re on a mission. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need, and create space for your guests to breathe. It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about creating an environment that screams, “I’m in control!
  2. Carpet Command: Your carpet is the foundation of your living space. Get it professionally cleaned like you’re trying to win an award for the cleanest floor in town. And if you’ve got stains, not to worry, Benchmark’s seasonal carpet cleaning offer includes stains removals. They will tackle them with the ferocity of a hungry lion going after its prey. No stain survives the Adam V. and Benchmark cleaning game.
  3. Window Wizardry: Let that natural light shine through, my friends! Windows are the eyes of your home. Wipe them down or have a professional window cleaning company take care of it for you, get rid of those fingerprints, and let the world outside see the sparkle you’ve got going on inside.
  4. Bathroom Brilliance: Your guests are gonna hit the bathroom, guaranteed. Make it an experience, not a nightmare. Scrub those tiles, shine those faucets, and drop some air fresheners like you’re in a spa. Your bathroom should be a sanctuary, not a war zone. If you want to see what the deal that Benchmark offers on tile, see it here.
  5. Kitchen Kudos: The heart of the party is the kitchen, baby! Clean those countertops, wipe down those appliances, and for the love of all things clean, don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen.
  6. Dust Dominator: Dust is the enemy, and you’re the superhero. Grab that duster and go to town. If you think your air ducts need a clean, check out our deal here. If not, hit the shelves, the surfaces, and any place where dust thinks it can hide. Make your living space an inhospitable environment for dust bunnies.
  7. Furniture Freshness: Your furniture needs some love too. Vacuum those couches, fluff those pillows, and give your seating arrangements the attention they deserve. When your guests plop down, they should feel like they’re on a cloud of cleanliness. See our amazing upholstery sale for the fall season.
  8. Floor Fury: Whether you’ve got hardwood, tile, or laminate, make those floors shine. Mop, sweep, or scrub – do whatever it takes. Clean floors are the foundation of a clean home. Check our our hardwood, and tile cleaning offers right here.
  9. Smell Success: Don’t just focus on what your place looks like; pay attention to what it smells like too. Light up some scented candles, plug in those air fresheners, and make your home a sensory delight. A pleasant smell sets the tone for a killer party. But, what about pet odors? Don’t let embarrassment stop you from having a great time. If you need to remove pet odors, check out our pet odor deals.
  10. Personal Touch: Finally, add that personal touch. It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about making your space uniquely yours. Whether it’s a quirky decoration or a family photo, let your personality shine through. Your guests aren’t just there for a clean house; they’re there for you.

There you have it, cleaning warriors – the top 10 cleaning services you need to conquer before your family rolls in. Clean it, like you mean it, and make your home the go-to spot for the party of the year. Remember, it’s not just about the cleaning; it’s about the experience you create for your guests. Now go out there and clean it! Adam V. signing off.

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