What to do before your water damage technician arrives

Here’s what to do before your water damage technician arrives.

If you experience water damage in your home or business in Portland, Oregon, there are several steps you can take before your water damage technician arrives to minimize the damage and ensure a safe environment. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Turn off the Water Supply: If the source of the water damage is a burst pipe or leaking appliance, turn off the water supply to prevent further flooding.
  2. Turn off the Electricity: If the water damage has affected electrical outlets or appliances, turn off the electricity to avoid the risk of electrical shock.
  3. Move Valuables: If possible, move furniture, electronics, and other valuable items to a dry area to prevent further damage.
  4. Remove Standing Water: Use a wet vacuum or mop to remove standing water from your floors.
  5. Open Windows and Doors: If weather permits, open windows and doors to promote ventilation and airflow.
  6. Document the Damage: Take photos or videos of the damage for insurance purposes.

Water Damage Safety

It’s important to note that safety should always be your top priority when dealing with water damage. If the water damage is extensive or poses a safety risk, evacuate the property and wait for the professionals to arrive.

Once you have taken these steps, contact your water damage restoration company as soon as possible. At Benchmark Restoration and Cleaning, we offer 24/7 emergency response services to help you quickly recover from water damage.

Minor Intrusions, Major Restorations, We Can Help Restore Your Home.

24/7 Emergency Response

Fast action is critical. BenchMark is has technicians standing by 24/7 to respond at a moments notice and arrive within 2 hours.

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Water Damage

The damaging effects of water dramatically reduce by fast and effective response, the first 24-48 hours are critical. 

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Storm Damage

At BENCHMARK, we offer immediate response to help to limit damage to your property and start rebuilding to pre-loss condition.

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