The Cold, Wet Truth: How Home Steam Cleaners Over-Wet Carpets and Cause Problems

Hey there, cleaners! Today, I’ve got a gritty topic to dive into, and it’s something that might make you rethink your cleaning game. We’re talking about home steam cleaners and the mess they can create. I’m Adam Vermilyea, and I’m here to give it to you straight, just like I do in the professional cleaning world.

We all want clean carpets

Let’s face it – we all want clean carpets, right? But the question is, are you cleaning them the right way or falling into the trap of home steam cleaners that over-wet your carpets and leave you with more problems than solutions?

The Steam Cleaning Hype

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m all about hustling hard and finding efficient solutions. Home steam cleaners seem like a dream come true – easy to use and promising sparkling clean carpets. But there’s a catch, and you need to know it.

The Over-Wetting Disaster

Here’s the problem: Home steam cleaners often over-wet your carpets. Sure, they steam away dirt and stains, but they can saturate your carpet with moisture, and that’s where the trouble begins. Over-wetting can lead to a whole slew of issues that nobody wants to deal with.

Mold and Mildew Invasion

Just like in business, moisture in the wrong place can lead to disaster. Over-wet carpets become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. These uninvited guests can ruin your indoor air quality, trigger allergies, and create a health nightmare. Mold and mildew are not your hustling partners; they’re your competition!

Carpet Delamination

Carpet delamination might sound like a fancy term, but it’s a real problem. When your carpet’s backing separates from the fibers due to excessive moisture, you’re looking at a costly carpet replacement. That’s not the kind of investment you want to make.

Stubborn Stains Return

Imagine working hard on a project, only to have it fall apart at the end. Over-wet carpets can bring back those stubborn stains you thought you’d conquered. The moisture can push old stains back up to the surface, leaving you frustrated and defeated.

Allergens on the Rise

Remember, allergens thrive in moist environments. Over-wet carpets become a haven for dust mites and other allergens, turning your clean home into an allergy battleground. That’s not the kind of environment where hustlers thrive!

The Cleaner’s Solution

So, what’s the solution? Do you ditch the home steam cleaner altogether? Not necessarily. The key is to use it wisely. Here’s how:

  1. Use the Right Equipment: Invest in a high-quality home steam cleaner that allows you to control moisture levels.
  2. Follow Instructions: Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and adhere to their guidelines on water usage and drying times.
  3. Ventilation Matters: Ensure proper ventilation in the cleaned area to aid in faster drying.
  4. Spot Test: Always spot-test in an inconspicuous area before tackling a larger carpet section.
  5. Prep Your Carpet: Vacuum thoroughly before using the steam cleaner to remove loose dirt and debris.
  6. Dry Thoroughly: Use fans or open windows to speed up the drying process after cleaning.

In service, we adapt and learn from our mistakes. The same goes for cleaning carpets. Don’t fall into the over-wetting trap. Clean like a professional – efficiently, smartly, and with your eyes on the long game. Your carpets will thank you, and you’ll avoid unnecessary problems that can set you back in your hustle journey.


Remember, the hustle is about finding the best way to get things done, and that includes cleaning. So, clean smart, hustle harder, and keep rocking your game! πŸ’ͺπŸš€ #CleaningHustle

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Does Your Vacuum Cleaner Suck? Let’s Talk About Cleaning Carpet!

Hey there, my hard working friends! I’m here to talk about something we all deal with in our daily lives, something that’s been around forever, but not everyone gives it the attention it deserves. Yep, you guessed it – vacuum cleaners! You might be wondering why on earth I’m talking about vacuum cleaners, but trust me, there’s a hard-work mentality even in the world of cleaning, and I’m here to break it down for you.

To tell the truth

First off, let me drop a truth bomb on you: Your vacuum cleaner might actually suck, and I don’t mean that in a good way. If you’re not using the right tools and techniques, your cleaning game could be seriously lacking. So, let’s dive into this dirty topic and see how we can level up our cleaning game!

  1. Invest in Quality

Just like in business, you’ve got to invest in quality if you want to see real results. Your vacuum cleaner is your cleaning MVP, so don’t cheap out on it. Get one with powerful suction and HEPA filters. Think of it as your A-team for dirt extraction.

  1. Hustle Harder, Not Faster

Don’t rush through your cleaning like you’re running a sprint. Slow down and take your time. Vacuum each area thoroughly and make multiple (think north to south and east to west) passes. It’s all about attention to detail, just like in your work.

  1. High-Traffic Areas Matter

In life, you focus your energy where it counts the most. The same goes for cleaning. Pay extra attention to high-traffic areas like entryways and living rooms. That’s where the dirt, crumbs, and pet hair tend to hang out.

  1. Stains Are Opportunities

You know how in life, obstacles can become opportunities? Well, stains are your cleaning opportunities. Don’t just accept them; tackle them head-on with the right stain removers and techniques. Turn those stains into success stories!

  1. Rise Above Allergens

In the cleaning game, allergens are your competition. Don’t let them win. Use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters to capture those tiny particles that can wreak havoc on your health. Your hustle deserves a clean, healthy environment.

  1. Stay Consistent

Just like everything, consistency is key. Don’t let your cleaning routine slip. Make it a habit to vacuum regularly. Consistency leads to long-term success, whether you’re cleaning or building a brand.

  1. Upgrade Your Accessories

In the world, you’d invest in tools that make your job easier. Well, in cleaning, it’s no different. Get the right accessories like brush attachments for upholstery and crevice tools for tight spaces. It’s all about having the right tools in your cleaning arsenal.

  1. Don’t Forget About Maintenance

Even the best cleaners need downtime and maintenance. Your vacuum cleaner is no different. Regularly clean and replace filters, empty the dustbin, and inspect for wear and tear. A well-maintained vacuum is a cleaning powerhouse.

Your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have to suck…to clean.

So there you have it, scrubbers. Your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have to suck in a bad way. With the right mindset and approach, you can turn cleaning into a productive, satisfying effort. Remember, it’s not just about cleanliness; it’s about maintaining your environment so you can focus on conquering the world in your own unique way.

So get out there, clean like a boss, and keep hustling! Because in the world of cleaning, just like in business, the effort never stops. πŸ’ͺ✨ #CleaningHustle

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How to prepare for your Freshen Up Cleaning

Benchmark’s Freshen Up Package is at the heart of every clean they offer – it’s their Core 10-Steps. What it offers is a comprehensive base that “checks” all the boxes. It’s has steam cleaning, spot removals are included, pH neutralizing is also a part of the clean, and grooming to ensure the best visual appeal.

Here’s how to prepare for your upcoming Freshen Up Cleaning:

  1. Clear the Area: Prior to the cleaning appointment, remove any items or obstacles that could obstruct the cleaning process. If floors are to be cleaning, remove any loose or breakable items that can be of concern. If countertops, same, clear and clean the and other surfaces to allow the cleaners easy access to the areas that need attention.
  2. Declutter: Tidy up the space by removing excess clutter such as toys, clothes, or personal items. This will make it easier for the cleaners to focus on the cleaning tasks and ensure they can reach all the areas that need attention.
  3. Pre-Vacuum: Removal of insolubles will have a decisive impact on how deep a Freshen Up cleaning will be. If vacuuming isn’t performed first – the Freshen Up will clean those insolubles (which is ok), however, to get the most bang for you buck, if you pre-vacuum, your Freshen Up will turn into the deepest clean possible.
  4. Communicate Specific Needs: If there are any specific areas or items that require special attention, make sure to communicate this to the cleaning service beforehand. For example, if you have stains on upholstery or specific instructions for certain surfaces, let them know in advance.
  5. Prepare Pets: If you have pets, it’s a good idea to make arrangements to keep them in a separate area or outside during the cleaning appointment. This ensures the safety of both your pets and the cleaning technicians.
  6. Make Way for Parking: If parking is limited in your area, make sure to reserve or provide a space for the cleaning team’s vehicle. This will help facilitate a smooth and timely arrival.
  7. Ask About Pre-Cleaning Instructions: Contact Benchmark Restoration and Cleaning directly to inquire about any specific pre-cleaning instructions they may have. They can provide you with their recommended guidelines for preparing your space before their arrival.

What’s IS in a Freshen Up Carpet Cleaning

Freshen Up Package w/Core 10 Step Cleaning

Step #1.  Pre Inspection:  Every thing we clean is thoroughly inspected before cleaning, noting level of soiling, spots/stains, and wear.

Step #2.  Furniture Moving:  Sofas, Chairs and Tables are carefully moved.

Step #3.  Pre-Spray:  Traffic areas are pre-treated to break down Soil.

Step #4.  Pre-Spot:  Difficult spots are treated with special solutions to increase chances for removal.

Step #5.  Pre-Grooming:  Special tools are used to loosen the soils.

Step #6.  Soil Extraction & Rinse:  The loosened soil is then thoroughly extracted

Step #7.  Neutralize:  Your cleaned area/medium is pH balanced to eliminate soil attracting residues.

Step #8.  Post Spot Treatment:  Treatment of specialty spots is included.

Step #9:  Post-Grooming:  To set the appearance and faster drying.

Step #10:  Post Inspection:  A post walkthrough is performed with you to make sure you are thrilled!

Cleaning Length: The time to clean your items depends on the volume, and the amount of contents that require moving before, and after your cleaning. That said, most cleans take about 2 -3 Hours.

Drying Length: Drying time can vary based on severity of soiling, and humidity in the air. On it’s own, it can take approximately 3 – 6 hours to dry.

What’s NOT in a Freshen Up Cleaning

#1.  Pre Vacuuming: Research shows that 70% of most soiling in insoluble material (like sand), that will not dissolve or bond with a cleaning agent. This means that 70% is most productively removed by a deep, thorough vacuuming.

#2. Sanitizing: Sanitizing, involves reducing the number of microorganisms on surfaces to a safe level determined by public health standards. It aims to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms that may cause illness or contamination. Sanitizing typically involves using disinfectants or sanitizing solutions, that are specifically designed to kill or reduce the presence of pathogens.

#3. Deodorizing: Deodorizing eliminates or neutralizes unpleasant odors from a space, object, or surface. Here’s how deodorizing works and what it accomplishes:

Deodorizing agents are designed to chemically react with odor-causing molecules, altering their structure or neutralizing them. This helps eliminate the unpleasant smell rather than just masking it temporarily.

#4. Anti-Allergen: Anti-allergen treatments are designed to reduce or minimize the presence of allergens in the environment. Allergens are substances that can trigger allergic reactions in susceptible individuals. These reactions can range from mild symptoms like sneezing and itching to more severe responses such as difficulty breathing or anaphylaxis.

#5. Protectant: A protectant is a type of product that is applied to surfaces, materials, or objects to provide a layer of protection against various damaging factors. The purpose of a protectant is to enhance durability, longevity, and resistance to specific elements or conditions.

6. Speed Drying: Speed drying can be beneficial in cleaning processes for time efficency, Prevention of Mold and Mildew, Stain Prevention, Reduced Odor, Preservation of Materials.

It’s important to see the Freshen Up as the name states, it’s for areas, and items that are cleaned frequently, and thereby do not need the added value of pre-vacuuming, sanitizing, deodorizing, or anti-allergen treatments.