Area Rug Cleaning with Speed Drying


area rug cleaning with speed drying

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Area Rug Cleaning with Rapid Drying

Step #1.  Pre Inspection:  Every area rug is thoroughly inspected before cleaning, noting level of soiling, spots/stains, and wear.  Then we email or call you to review the inspection report, so you know exactly what to expect.

Step #2.  Dry Soil Removal:  Remove dust and loose debris from the rug using specialized equipment like rug beaters, vibrating tables, or vacuum cleaners with a brush attachment.

Step #3.  Pre-Spray:  The soils are pre-conditioned to break them down.

Step #4.  Pre-Spot:  Difficult spots are treated with special solutions to increase chances for removal.

Step #5.  Fringe treatment:  If your area rug has fringe, they are also pre-treated for maximum soil removal.

Step #6.  Hand Cleaning:  Your rug is hand cleaned with our Fine Rug Solutions, removing the deeply embedded soil. Done with an appropriate cleaning method based on its material and construction, such as immersion washing, steam cleaning, or low-moisture cleaning.

Step #7.  Wash and Rinse:  We then wash and rinse the entire rug in our rug spa to flush away soil.  Then it is pH balanced to eliminate soil attracting residues. Complete rinsing is essential to avoid detergent build-up

Step #8.  Powerful Extraction: Use specialized equipment to extract excess water and cleaning solution from the rug without overwetting it.

Step #9.  Speed Drying:  Your rug is then dried flat, or hung dry, in a humidity controlled environment to speed the drying process.

Speed up the drying process using various methods, including:

  • Air Movers: Place high-powered fans around the rug to promote air circulation.
  • Dehumidifiers: Reduce humidity in the drying area to accelerate the drying process.
  • Infrared Dryers: Utilize infrared heat to expedite drying, especially for delicate rugs.
  • Hang Drying: If suitable, hang the rug in a controlled environment to allow air circulation on both sides.

Step #10:  Post-Grooming:  Each rug is finished with soft groomers.  We do this by brushing or combing its fibers to restore its pile and appearance.

Step #11:  Post Inspection:  A post walkthrough is performed before it is released for delivery!  Inspect the rug to ensure it is clean, dry, and free of spots or stains. Any necessary repairs or fringe work may be performed at this stage.

Cleaning Length: The time to clean your area rug depends on the size, and the soiling conditions attributed to that particular are rug. That said, we ask for a 10 day turnaround time.

Drying Length: Drying time can vary based on your area rug’s thickness, severity of soiling, and humidity in the air. On it’s own, a area can take approximately 6-12 hours to dry.  We speed dry ever rug we clean so it is usually dried within 3 – 6 hours.


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10' X 14' (approx. 140 Sq Ft), 2' X 5' or 2' X 7' (Runner), 4' X 6' (approx. 24 Sq Ft), 5' Round (approx. 20 Sq Ft), 5' X 7' (approx 35 Sq Ft), 6' X 9' (.approx 54 Sq Ft), 8' Round (approx. 51 Sq Ft), 8' X 10' (approx. 80 Sq Ft), 8' X 11' (approx. 88 Sq Ft), 9' X 12' (approx. 108 Sq Ft.)

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