Burn Repair


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Our technicians are experienced and equipped to perform burn repairs.  Burn is commonly found in doorways, large rooms and oddly shaped areas.

Because of our carpet installation background, seam repair is part of our DNA in the service industry.


STEP #1:  We will inspect the areas of concern to ensure the best possible outcome for the burn repair.

STEP #2:  Burnt carpet will be removed, by trimming out fraying areas, crooked seams, etc.

STEP #3:  Carpet is trimmed to have perfectly straight lines.

STEP #4:  Donor carpet is used (either spare onsite or we take from an inconspicuous closet), and inserted in the pet damaged location.

STEP#5:  New professional seaming tape is put in place.

STEP: #6:  Carpet Edges are adhered to the seam tape using a professional seaming carpet iron ensuring a bond to as tight or tighter than upon original installation.

STEP #7:  Specialty carpet tools are used to blend in the carpet fibers so you hardly know the seam exists.

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