One of the places you can often find us is carpet cleaning in Ridgefield WA.

It’s one of our favorite places to go – we may be bias. Many of my friends live in Ridgefield. Kevin our Operations Manager grew up in Ridgefield, and is a Ridgefield High School Graduate…

If you’re in Ridgefield, you understand the value of community…I think that’s why I love it so much.

Ridgefield hardware is on the main corner. If you go in, you’ll be met by at least one Boston Terrier. I have two Boston Terrier’s so I’m a fan.

Sportsmans Public House is just north of the hardware store, across the street. They just remodeled. It’s a great place for a Burger.

There’s a playground nearby, right next to the police station. It’s picturesque. Police cars clean and neatly parked, in the background kids are swinging on a swing and the playground. I feel safe.

They even have their own minor-league baseball team – the Ridgefield Raptors.  I’ve been to a couple of games.  When the they can start back up after COVID-19, I want to buy season tickets.

Ridgefield is growing by leaps and bounds. New homes are being developed every day. That’s where I come in.

I clean carpets.

Here’s why should you invest in professional cleaning services like carpet cleaning?

When done well, carpet cleaning significantly improves your indoor air quality, meaning: you breathe better, sleep better, and stay healthier. And the more you improve your indoor air quality, the more your home will gain as haven for feeling good, and eliminate the “I can never get this house clean” feeling.

This creates an enjoyment effect, and more freedom for you to feel happy about your home, and not have to focus on your task list.

It’s one of our favorite places to go, – we might be bias…

Cleaning Your Carpets

To do your own carpet cleaning in Ridgefield WA you can probably rent a machine from a store, Salmon Creek or Woodland – I don’t thing Rosauers has them.

The other option is to look into professional cleaners like me.

Carpet Cleaning Rentals

If you are looking for surface cleaning, I get it, this works fine. It’s meant apply a solution, then extract that solutions with hot water attached to it. The benefits: Inexpensive, convenient, and if you are a mild “Do-It-Yourself” type, great.

If that’s what you are looking to achieve, great! So what’s the difference between a carpet cleaning rental, and having a professional carpet cleaner like us come to your home?

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Ridgefield WA

Ok, I’m bias about this too. Here’s why a professional cleaning service worth their salt is better than renting a carpet cleaning machine.

1. Water Temperature: Using water raised to the point of steam kills bacteria, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. It also evaporates faster so your carpet is dry extremely fast in comparison to the rental.

2. Cleaning Solutions: Safer, yet more effective cleaning solutions (stain removals, pre-sprays, sanitizers, etc) can be used, and in this era, environmentally-friendly solutions are not unusual for us, they are our standard.

3. Extraction (Lift): Service Vehicles with truck mounts have over 120% more lift than a rental machine. More lift, means more extraction of both soil, and water. Your carpet will be not only clean, but almost dry too.

4. Expertise: Technicians (if they are certified by the I.I.C.R.C.) like ours are trained to ensure a proper cleaning. This is important because this type of cleaning, by these types of trained individuals are the only acceptable form of cleaning by your carpet manufacturer, either Mowhawk, StainMaster, or another.

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How to find a Carpet Cleaner near you

A simple way to find out is by using the search term Carpet Cleaning Near Me, or Carpet Cleaning in Ridgefield WA. This is where the selection process begins.

Here’s the steps to find a carpet cleaner near you, by order:

1. Search the term: Carpet Cleaning in Ridgefield WA

This will bring up a search of providers both paying for adds, and in close proximity to where you live. That’s a good start. Local.

2. Look for the stars & review count

You should immediately look for businesses that have gold stars near them. Look for 4.5 or higher…Also consider the number of reviews that the company has received.  Check out our reviews here

3. Does their website explain their services? Give Pricing?

Pricing should be easy to see. Either through a form or some other method (I can’t think of anything better than a form), it should up front. Can you understand what their steps of service are? The main thing is, that you want to know they have steps, and the follow them.

4. Call (if you can)

You can get to know a lot about your service provider by what happens over the phone. Are they answering you while in another persons house? Do they push you to a voicemail to call you back later? A good carpet cleaning provider will answer the phone, and have a pleasant conversation with you. If that can’t happen move on…that is what it would be like on the phone. So call.

Obsess over your clean

Post inspections should be standard. Your technician will walk through your home with you, to make sure you are thrilled. For us this is a requirement. In this day, we will use FaceTime, or some form of video to keep socially distant if needed. Make sure you are happy. It’s in the best interest of both parties to know everything is to your satisfaction. You don’t want to schedule another time to “have to be home”, and the technician has a list of other carpet cleaning to do…It’s ok, have them stay!

If you’ve made it all the way down here, would you like your carpets cleaned?

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