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-Ann Christianson

Good cleaning isn’t enough to clean and improve the health inside your home.

Great cleaning isn’t enough to clean and improve the health inside your home. 

Anyone who really maintains the cleanliness and ultimately the living standard of their home today will tell you that a healthy home has to be made up of strategic cleaning & maintenance ingredients. It has to connect with your lifestyle and it needs to be organized!

Luckily, home owners can tap-in to those winning resources.

Want to learn how to really clean and maintain your home?

BenchMark’s Healthy Home Team has been helping assist home owners create awesome indoor and outdoor clean living spaces. Not generic, mediocre service…Important strategic efforts that keep  your home clean, and leverage those efforts to ensure your healthiest home possible. 

Today, we call this The Healthy Home Cleaning System, and it’s the DNA of achieving a health-oriented standard for how to clean your home by organizing your cleaning efforts, using professional services only at the right times, preventing toxic cleaning chemicals from invading your home, and turning your house into the home you will love spending your life in!  

BenchMark owner Adam Vermilyea has been organizing cleaning services to provide clean, enjoyable healthy homes with The Healthy Home Cleaning System since 2006, way before anyone used that term. Fourteen years later, Adam decided to share what he knew with the world.

BenchMark started as a simple one-man cleaning truck. It evolved into a highly sought-after company thanks to safe cleaning solutions, smart cleaning methods, and exceptional products and services.

For The Healthy Home System we use: No advertising. No venture capital. No outbound sales team.

Just a loyalty to our clients,  and a whole lot of time and effort spent teaching others how to do healthy-home style cleaning that works. Ever service we’ve released was conceived from the practical, real-world needs we see every day in the homes of our clients.

But our mission has never changed: We’re here to help you create the kind of health-focused cleaning system that perfectly helps you reach your healthy home goals.

Your healthy home membership

How did we know that home cleaning services for the home owner would be so valuable?

Well, because home cleaning services has been one of the smartest way achieve a good work/life balance the beginning of time. But now prospective clients have turned to online means of finding, and determining who the best service provider is.

The Healthy Home Cleaning System provides cleaning methods for the home owner that are proven to work at ground level, not theory for product-centric businesses that want to sell you there wares. And we are a voice calling out to the home owners out there. And we are saying, here is where you can find cleaning services, tips and more to apply directly to your living space.

Today, there’s always need for you to keep your home cleaner. We would love to be a small part of helping you achieve that goal.


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Adam Vermilyea

Adam Vermilyea is a cleaning technician, service provider, and entrepreneur.

He is the founder of The Healthy Home Cleaning System, and was the in the trenches cleaner for professional service providers in the Residential, and Commercial industries.





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Even the most seasoned home owners and successful rental property professionals have questions to continually improve their game. The Healthy Home Cleaning System offers different evaluation and consulting programs tailored to the various needs of your home and lifestyle. Get consulting, get results.


Direct Cleaning Services

Every home owner / property owner faces a variety of different challenges each and every day. Healthy Home has created a broad suite of product and services specifically designed to provide the cleaning & maintenance…

10 Core Steps to a Benchmark Clean

Step 01

Step 02
Move Furnishings

Step 03
Neutral Pre-Spray

Step 04
Spot Treatment

Step 05
Hand Agitation

Step 06
Soil Extraction

Step 07
pH Neutralize

Step 08
Additional Spot Treatment

Step 09
Final Grooming

Step 10
Final Inspection

Benchmark is a residential cleaning services company that specializes in healthier living through a cleaning system, eco-friendly products, and professional services designed to help clean your home and bring health to your life. We’re also a source for connecting and supporting one another on our cleaning ups and downs.

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