Healthy Home Carpet Cleaning Package (Core 10 Steps / Speed Drying / Sanitizing / Anti-Allergen/ Fiberguard Protectant / Baseboard Wiped Down)


Healthy Home Package –  Carpet Cleaning with special discounted pricing.


Healthy Home Package w/Core 10 Step Cleaning

Step #1.  Pre Inspection:  Every carpet is thoroughly inspected before cleaning, noting level of soiling, spots/stains, and wear.

Step #2.  Furniture Moving:  Sofas, Chairs and Tables are carefully moved.

Step #3.  Pre-Spray:  Traffic areas are pre-treated to break down Soil.

Step #4.  Pre-Spot:  Difficult spots are treated with special solutions to increase chances for removal.

Step #5.  Pre-Grooming:  Special tools are used to loosen the soils.

Step #6.  Soil Extraction & Rinse:  The loosened soil is then thoroughly extracted

Step #7.  Neutralize:  Your carpet is pH balanced to eliminate soil attracting residues.

Step #8.  Post Spot Treatment:  Treatment of specialty spots is included.

Step #9:  Post-Grooming:  To set the pile for appearance and faster drying.

Step #10:  Post Inspection:  A post walkthrough is performed with you to make sure you are thrilled!


Step #11  DrySteem™ Extraction:  Our exclusive DrySteem™ System removes 85% more  moisture so your carpet is dry in about 2-3 hours

Step #12  Factory FiberGuard Protectant:   To protect agains soil, liquid and oil based spills.

Step #13  Commercial Pile Lifting:  To remove the gritty dry soil.

Step #14 Spray & Wipe Down Baseboards:  Eliminating the dust that accumulates.

Step #15 DuraSan™ Sanitizing:  To assist in neutralizing bacteria, allergens, and dust mites.



Cleaning Length: The time to clean your carpet depends on the number of areas, and the amount of contents that require moving before, and after your cleaning. That said, most cleans take about 2 -3 Hours.

Drying Length: Drying time can vary based on your carpet’s thickness, severity of soiling, and humidity in the air. On it’s own, a carpet can take approximately 6-12 hours to dry.

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