Why BenchMark With DrySteem™ Is Better Than Other Cleaners

Put the BenchMark’s cleaning with our DrySteem™ system side by side with any other cleaning system on the market here our (Portland Metro / SW Washington)
area, and you will find that BenchMark with DrySteem is the best cleaning, sanitizing and flash drying system you can buy. DrySteem is a unique and trademarked cleaning and speed drying system. It combines a secret steam applying system with a rapid flash drying extraction to powerfully lift debris and keep water from over-saturating your furnishings all in one, unified cleaning process. No other cleaning system is able to compare. There have been other efforts to recreate the same system (Chemical Solvent Drying, Zero Residue Cleaning) but none of them come close.


  • DrySteem™ Jets thoroughly distribute bacteria-killing steam reaching every inch of the area/item/surface it cleans.
  • BioCare™ Earth-Friendly Cleaning Solutions created EXCLUSIVELY to leverage the cleaning and flash drying Benchmark’s DrySteem™ system
  • DrySteem&trade Extraction ensures excess moisture lifts away with dirt, debris, and asthma-causing allergens.
  • Long-lastingOur core cleaning procedure with DrySteem™ ensured that stains, and debris are not hiding “under the surface”
  • Prevents bacteria growth: DrySteem™ eliminates the organic growth of just cleaned surface because moisture remains.


BenchMark’s DrySteem™ system is used for you carpets, hardwoods, furniture, and your tile & grout eliminating stagnant water, and organic growth in your home. We use our trademarked extraction, and flash drying turbo dryers. Our powerful extraction process is designed to make your DrySteem service more productive without sacrificing cleaning and rinsing. Standard cleaning with empowered water, and chemical cleanings still leave chemicals, bacteria, and stagnant water behind. This creates odors, and irritants that can cause respiratory reactions, and even void your furnishings warranty.

BenchMark with DrySteem™ cleaning and drying are used together to leverage that not only cleans, but you don’t have to worry about damage to your home. Plus, we adjust each piece of The DrySteem™ system to your home, so you don’t have an average treatment. All other cleaning systems consist of two processes, Prespray and extraction, which can cause over-wetting problems and depending on how, can damage your home by letting stains return. The DrySteem cleaning makes it look newer and attractive and contributes to your home’s beauty. General cleaning processes look unclean and leave wet spots behind in your home.

Make a Smart Investment with DrySteem™ Cleaning From BenchMark.

Homeowners throughout the area choose BenchMark with DrySteem™ Cleaning if they are serious about protecting inside their homes from dirt and bad indoor air quality. Cleaning your own furnishings is time consuming and can leave residue behind, and with Benchmark’s DrySteem Guarantee you can make cleaning your home detailed and easy.


Plus, BenchMark has been selected is TOP RATED by HomeAdvisor clients just like you!, and has been given HomeAdvisor’s TOP RATED SEAL.  This seal provides customers with a proof that Benchmark has repeatedly provided top rated service to HomeAdvisor clients.

Call us now to see how we can provide you with the only trademarked flash drying cleaning system.