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We are BenchMark’s Healthy Home Cleaning, the community for home owners who come for a solution to a cleaning problem, and stay for continued, long-term prosperity.

You’re here now because something’s not right. We can not only help you solve that issue, but our healthy home cleaning systems and products can actually set your home on a new trajectory of health that will ultimately free you up to enjoy the house and your life again – on your terms. (truth is, you just can’t find this anywhere else)


Dear Home Owner,

We have helped thousands of home owners – in every imaginable construction and service category – get on the path to creating the home and lives of their dreams, so they no longer have to worry about where their next Guest, Visitor or Tennant seeing what your home looks like. That’s what we want for you, as well. In fact, it’s our mission.

Our Game Changing Services and Knowledge Give You…


to think differently about your home and how it affects your health 


to actually convert your home into a healthy living space

Right now you may be the target of cleaning myths propagated by lead generating companies (example: Home Advisor/Angie’s List) who cannot guarantee a quality service provider, results or accountability.  And that’s well, unacceptable.

At Benchmark’s Healthy Home, we offer you a major alternative:  a predictable, reliable SYSTEM for cleaning and maintenance to improve the overall health capacity of your home.  To improve your health benchmark.

Because your here now, in the right place, at the right time we’d like to help you take back the ship, and set a course for serious home health, and cleaning.



(Over $800 Worth Of Pure Healthy Home-Maintenance Information & Services)

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Jam-packed with how to organize your ideal cleaning methods, cleaning solutions and equipment so that you can open the floodgates to clean living spaces, and ultimately your freedom! Plus:

HOW Any Home Owner Can Make Their Home 10x Cleaner

The “Hidden Secret” in Everyone’s Cleaning arsenal and HOW to Leverage it

The BIGGEST MISTAKE most Home Owners make in their Cleaning

The Healthy Home Cleaning System
(Value: $374.97) Included

The Healthy Home Training Series will walk you through how to implement the strategies used by the most successful home owners and rental property owners in the country to manage the cleanliness and maintenance needs of your home. Including:

How to design your home cleaning based on YOUR rules – no matter what your community “dictates”

How to get your services providers to provide more for you so you will be able to keep more money in your pocket

The automated systems you can easily place into your home systems, creating a fortress around your family so they’ll never be exposed to unhealthy bacteria.

How to hold every cleaning dollar accountable – no more writing checks and not knowing what you

Healthy Home GOLD Membership
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Jam-packed with how to organize your ideal system so that you can open the floodgates to healthy, clean living spaces, ultimately your freedom! Plus:

Your first issue of the Healthy Home Letter. Each issue is overflowing with the latest healthy cleaning ideas & Maintenance Strategies. Current members refer to it as a day-long intense cleaning seminar in print, arriving by first class mail every month. There are always terrific examples of “What’s-Working-NOW” Strategies, and timely cleaning news and trends. You’ll want to find a quiet place with a highlighter and devour every word.

Your FREE cleaning SERVICE provided by BenchMark Cleaning; Real People, Real Results Servicer: EXCLUSIVE evaluations with successful technicians of the cleaning service industry, leading experts and service business owners in the field of cleaning for health. Use them to turn your cleaning time into “Freedom” time.

Your membership also gives you unrestricted access to our Members-Only site, where you can download or interact with all materials online PLUS connect into our members-only groups and community.

To activate your free gift, please register below for your Healthy Home Gold Membership (you can choose to prepay your year for additional savings). Do it today and we’ll send out your Incredible Free Gift tomorrow! It’s impossible for you to lose: If you don’t absolutely love everything you get, simply cancel your membership within the first 60 days and we will happily refund every penny paid. After 60 days, you can cancel at any time with no further commitment.

You Have 2 Choices But
Only One Makes Sense

You can either keep running your home in isolation, relying on hit-or-miss guesses and the next shiny object.


You can shortcut years of trial and error by choosing the proven systems thousands of successful Healthy Home members have already implemented. Why stress out trying reinvent the wheel? We have a much better way, I assure you.

Now is the time to discover Healthy Home’s pathway to health and time freedom. Join us today so we can send your Healthy Home Liberation Kit tomorrow. Really, it’s that easy.

Thank you for spending some time here today – I look forward to meeting you.

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The BenchMark Healthy Home cleaning circle was founded by the legendary cleaning entrepreneur, Adam Vermilyea, over 14+ years ago as the place where home owners who successfully implement the Heathy Home Cleaning System gather. The Healthy Home cleaning circle has been showing home owners and property owners the often less-traveled road that is paved in freedom. When the 4000+ members, discovered these little known secrets not only did the light bulbs go off, the stress diminished, their happiness about their home soared, and they started living the life they always dreamed of. Finally having the freedom to dictate their time and their life, enjoy their families and communities and make a difference in the world.

We will provide you with the roadmap that shows you exactly where you are and exactly what you should be doing RIGHT NOW to create your healthy home. After all, 4000+ Home Owners can’t be wrong. You are about to become a part of something big!

The Healthy Home Cleaning System is a membership community of home owners and residential rental property owners who are dedicated to integrating a health-based approach with better cleaning. Founded by cleaning entrepenure Adam Vermilyea in 2006, The Healthy Home Cleaning  publishes the famous “Healthy Home Letter” each month and hosts cleaning question webinars, tests, and recommends safe cleaning products, and provides cleaning services in a variety of cleaning and maintenance topics. The Healthy Home Cleaning Circle Members hail from all 50 US states.