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Since we are all stuck at home, here’s a brief list of the best articles from around the internet on cleaning and sanitizing your home.


1.  The Great Martha Stewart:

How to Clean Your House Fast! 12 Brilliant Time-Saving Tips

I want to specifically point out step #3.  As a professional cleaner, we live inside this concept to get your home furnishings looking brand new.  Read carefully.


2.  NBC

Many common household cleaning products can kill the coronavirus if you use them properly

Right now there is a shortage on straight forward cleaning solutions.  With a little reading you can find out you have an abundance products that can help you stave off the Coronavirus.

3.  Good Housekeeping

The Right Way to Kill Coronavirus Germs, According to Cleaning Experts

Read up on Hydrogen Peroxide…it’s still available in most stores…I have already got mine.

4.  The Wire Cutter

How to Handle Packages During the Coronavirus Pandemic

For those of us who are trying to Amazon our way through the crisis.

How We Sanitize Your Home.

Fortunately, our Healthy Home cleaning package already includes our DuraSan™ Sanitizing treatment which addresses both bacterial, and viral sources.  So we have in place correct solutions, equipment, procedures and training in place to perform the task effectively.

We can be best put to use on cleaning the textiles in your home.  Carpets, Upholstery, Drapes, and Mattresses can all harbor the virus concerns for an extended period of time.

For your carpets click here

For upholstery click here

For your Air Ducts click here


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