DrySteem™ Speed Drying leaves your carpet much cleaner, and it’s dry to the touch.

When it comes down to it, great carpet cleaning boils down to two essential elements:  cleaning solutions, and drying.

Cleaning Solutions relates to a liquid, with the proper pH at the proper temperature, that surround and suspend soils.  This allows steam (another cleaning solution) to disengage and extract these impurity’s.  Drying is the method to prevent bacteria growth from moisture taking too long to evaporate.  

When it comes to cleaning through truck-mounted systems, professionals know they need to find the right combination of cleaning solutions and drying to overcome the natural elements and resistance dirt in your home.

The cleaning industry has always found the “hidden ingredient” solutions that will elevate the productivity of each clean for each client, which in turn will lead to more people investing in the service.

The deficit has always been that no one focused on improving the system of drying…

How speed drying makes your home cleaner.

We know we have to dig deep to find the best way to clean a surface for every client.  Because the efforts will likely be something that can be misunderstood and be considered inconsequential.

So here’s the point,

Finding the best way to flash dry what we cleaned, prevents the opportunity for the “slightest “organic growth to start.  

The DrySteem™ System means that “just-cleaned” surfaces are drying even as the cleaning is still being performed.

How we speed dry using The DrySteem™ System

Let’s take a look at how BenchMark’s speed drying is changing way cleaning is performed, by breaking down how.

It starts with hot steam.  The very same steam moved trains across the United States linking coasts together for easy travel.  It turned a dangerous journey across the Atlantic into a pleasure cruise.

Without steam we wouldn’t have movies like An Affair To Remember, and Murder On The Orient Express.

Steam is water in gas form, it’s so hot, it wants to evaporate, with wants to escape, and leave the surface it’s on dry.  Steam properly used can rinse the soiling out of services and it immediately want’s to evaporate – if the medium will let it.

We use steam at the primary cleaning solution in every clean.  At over 212° we can also be sure that bacterial, and microbial impurities are eliminated as well.  And it’s as environmentally-safe as you can get.

Teflon glides also allow each surface to be evenly extracted to lift out soil, and moisture with a powerful airflow to lift and remove it.

Multiple suction passes over the cleaning surface ensure any remaining moisture is removed.

wind-shear with powerful airflow is introduced immediately to force moisture particles to quickly evaporate, and leave the clean, sanitized area to also be almost try to the touch.

If you are interested in having your home cleaned, and you are holding back because of the season, or humidity, consider the DrySteem™ System to keep your family home clean, safe and sanitized through the upcoming cold and flu season.