A BenchMark Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning, Portland Oregon

BenchMark has been the leader in eco-friendly carpet cleaning in Portland Oregon for more than 29 years.

They develop and implement family, home and planet safe cleaning services.

In 2007 BenchMark challenged themselves to clean every home, using the BioCare™ line of cleaning solutions.

Guaranteeing the not only the deepest clean, but also the greenest.

eco-friendly cleaning
environmentally safe cleaning

How Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Cleaning can impact home-health in Portland Oregon.

Carpets are designed to trap pollutants. The is one of it’s primary reasons for use, they also reducing noise, and insulating a floor.

However, according to the American Lung Association, carpets can trap concerning pollutants like pet dander, dust mites, common allergens, dust particulates, mold spores, pesticides, dirt and even lead.
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How BenchMark helps improve the health of your Portland Oregon home with eco-friendly carpet cleaning.

Indoor Air Quality – Our cleaning system is proven to make the indoor environment a healthier place to live by reducing gas phase organics, biological contamination and respirable particles.

How Eco-Friendly Cleaning Reduces Environmental Footprint.Planet Partners Seal of Approval

What’s Planet Partners™?

We are working to reduce our environmental footprint as we develop new ways of reducing waste associated with our industry.
Reduced Packaging – We have made progress in reducing packaging by 95% of our cleaning solutions arrive in bulk, recyclable containers are bottled daily, using 100% recyclable bottles.
Reduced Fuel Consumption & Air Quality Protection – All of our truck-mounted systems are driven off the vehicle engine, reducing fuel consumption by up to 30% and emissions up to over 95% over the other cleaners older equipment methods.
Reduced Noise Pollution – All of our truck-mounted cleaning systems are designed to be operated will all doors closed, reducing noise pollution, lessening the impact on the surrounding residents.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions remove harmful solvents and petroleum-based chemicals.

BioCare™ Cleaning Solutions – Biodegradable plant, citrus, vegetable or oxygen based low VOC cleaning agents have replaced over 90% of solvent and petroleum based cleaning chemicals.