Materials You’ll Need

2″x6″x8′ pressure-treated lumber
river stones
2-inch decking screws
Deck stain
1 pint polyurethane

Pre-Cut Wood & Assemble Box

You’ll need four pieces of 2″x6″ lumber, cut to 12 inches long. To avoid using a saw, ask your local home improvement store to do the cuts for you.

Stain & Seal

First stain with a quality deck stain, then paint on the polyurethane to help seal the wood and protect it from moisture and UV rays.

Add Stones

Put the box in place, then fill with smooth river stones. Once the stones are in you can’t move the box around, so make sure your location is near the entry and you have easy access to a garden hose.

Add Soap, Towels & Seating

Place a bench, or chair nearby. Add soap, towel and a washcloth to round it out. Now you can keep your house clean, while still enjoying your favorite outside spot.