Everywhere you turn these days you hear about COVID-19 (sounds like something out of Orwell’s 1984) continuing to increase.

They say you have to stay home in order to stay safe.

What we find out, is that is easier said than done. We have to get groceries, or even have groceries delivered, and that delivery is from a person, who picked up your order from another person…and so on.

And yet, the need to clean our homes is more important now, than ever. This is where we live and where we can be exposed, so this is where things need to be clean, and disinfected.

Making the case for cleaning it yourself

I’m a clean it yourself guy.  I guess that’s why I work for a cleaning company…I clean “stuff” professionally.

I’m proud of myself lately. I deep-cleaned the main bathroom including cleaning it’s baseboards in detail, though they are not new…they’ve seen better days.

4 hours were dedicated to the process, and I admit, it was worth it. But I did lose a half day to this when I could have been working in my garden. Which is how I de-stress.

If I brought one of the Benchmark Service Vehicles home I could have had it done it two hours, instead of four hours but never the less it’s done.

Do I have the time to do this for every section of my house? No. Do I really want to detail clean every every section of my house? Heck no. I have too many other things that are pulling me toward them.  Which leads me to using a service provider.

What you win if you use service provider

Very few things we buy are truly a necessity.  Everything else we buy is a way to improve, increase or maintain what we view as important to what we aspire to be.

I aspire to have a nice home, and hopefully have the friends, and family we used to have over so frequently in the past.  Still, I am at home more often now, and so the traffic coming and going from room to room has increased quite a bit.

My wife and daughter fight with seasonal allergies, and so all this rain-sun-rain has been brutal. This is where getting one over our service vans out to the house helped.

With the cleaning solutions, equipment, vehicle, and skill, I can really clean and disinfect at a level that can never be touched by hand cleaning, including what I did in the bathroom.  I win the fight against bacteria, dirt, and time.

Here’s how I (and you) benefit in using a service provider to clean my home.

1. I can focus my time on urgent matters.

2. The temperature of steam cleaning kills bacteria instantly.

3. Anti-microbial treatments (free right now by the way), ensure that growth of mold, mildew, and other bacteria will be inhibited from returning.

4. I’m not tired from cleaning, and not in a mood from doing either.

Using a service provider gives a better results, and I cover more ground. That’s why it’s a good thing.

How can I stay safe if I hire someone to clean inside my home?

The problem with using a service in your home right now, is trusting that the person coming into your home cares about their health, and the emergence of COVID-19. Over the course of 4 months, could this person be getting immune not to the virus, but in breaking down the steps of safety.

“Evaluate the attitude, and concern of your service providers…”

Evaluate if the person coming into your home getting lazy about safety?

11 Steps to keep you safe if you use a service provider in your home…An evaluation guide:  

These are the steps we are taking each day, each clean.  I can serve as a guide for you to choose a service provider that is taking proper steps.

Step #1. 8:00AM Cleaning:

All equipment, including cleaning wands, solution sprayers, grooming rakes and clothes must be confirmed washed – with antibacterial soaps.

Step #2. 8:30AM Disinfecting:

All above is disinfected with anti-microbial solutions to disinfect down to the smallest microbial.

Step #3. 8:45AM Personal Protective Equipment Check:

Disinfected Face masks, new gloves, new shoe covers are with every technician. Just as your home, they are protecting themselves too. If we come to your home, wearing a mask is for both your sakes.

Step #4. 8:50AM Welfare Check & Coaching:

Analysis on health, and questions are asked. Example. “Have you heard of anyone you know who is not feeling well?”  “Consider what it means if you, yourself get infected for you and your loved ones…”

Step #5. 8:55AM Departure:

Calls are made to clients detailing arrival times, and to prepare any last arrangements before arriving on site.

Step #6. Arrival:Masks, Gloves, Shoe Covers:  

Cover sanitized hands and shoes are required.

Step #7. Social Distancing: 

We encourage a 12 foot distance if possible. This can encourage the best possible safety for a client and technician. FaceTime/Skype and Video Inspections are available even when in the same house…

Step #8. Sanitize/Disinfecting Treatments:

Right now we are including AntiMicrobial Treatments for FREE with every clean we do, unless a client opts out.

Step #9. Disinfection before departure:

You may notice your technician taking a little time prior to leaving your home. He is required to disinfect all equipment prior to moving on to any other stops.

Step #10. Sanitize before starting:

Before starting (similar to Step #1), all equipment is cleaned and sanitized again.

Step 11. End of day Sanitizing:

All equipment, and service vehicle is cleaned with an anti-bacterial soap, and then sprayed with an Anti-Microbial treatment to sit over night.

Can we stall all service providers are taking this as seriously as we are? I hope so, but take a good look at their procedures. If they haven’t written it down for you, then you may need to ask questions or look elsewhere.

I’m sure they are lovely people on a lot of levels, however service providers are hopefully not tearing down their own industry by not providing the service of safety and caring first.

If you’re a Do-It-Yourself kinda Gal/Guy Like Me

Great, more power to you.  Clean and disinfect to your hearts content.  Decide on the trade for time, and effectiveness and put your soul into cleaning the home you love!  Just know you can’t buy solutions over-the-counter won’t have the same potency as what commercial grade solutions will, when deployed with hot steam…


If you want a service provider to help you in your home stay safe

Look into the 11 steps above.  Are they meeting this challenge with the right attitude?  Or is the service provider reluctant to exceed any concerns and expectations for anyone they come across?  What does it hurt to err to the side of healthy practices?

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