Carpet Cleaning Near Me

by benchmark1988 • 09/13/2017

How to find carpet cleaning near me Ok you’ve found yourself searching for carpet cleaning service professionals by using the phrase “carpet cleaning near me”. Identifying a local company can be a bit tricky. I’m writing this article to help everyone find the closest carpet cleaning near you, but also share some tips on selecting […]

Cleaning a rug with dog pee

by benchmark1988 • 06/27/2017
Cleaning a rug with dog pee. Cleaning a rug with dog pee is tricky. The other day, I was hanging out at a friends house.  I was checking out his new area rugs, trying to come up with some recommendations for how he can take good care of them. I saw a something that was [...]

Non toxic carpet cleaning

Natural carpet cleaning Portland Oregon

by benchmark1988 • 06/22/2017

Let’s be honest: Finding a carpet cleaning company in Portland Oregon that will do a natural carpet cleaning can be a pain. Trust me, I know. After performing natural carpet cleaning on a daily basis with well over 20,000 cleans to our name, I’ve encountered just about every natural cleaning concern you can possibly imagine. […]

Portland metro carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning the Portland metro area

by benchmark1988 • 02/28/2017

Honest question: Why are reading this article? I’m not usually a betting man, but I’d wager that your reading it because of the amount of research, advice, and step-by-step explanations about carpet cleaning the Portland metro area. And that’s pretty much my (and BenchMark’s) entire business strategy. That’s our “big secret.” Now, it’s out there. […]

Allergies Self Test

by benchmark1988 • 04/28/2016

Take the allergies self test [gravityform id=”13″ title=”false” description=”false”]

Planet Partners Challange

by benchmark1988 • 04/18/2016

Planet Partners™ – working together to create a better world. Planet Partners are everywhere. We are a group of regular everyday people. We have jobs, kids, pets, some of us have college degrees, some of us don’t. What we have in common is that we care for the environment. Our mission is to make an […]

Pet Odor Carpet Cleaning Portland Oregon

by benchmark1988 • 03/23/2016

Pet Odor Carpet Cleaning Portland Oregon It’s part of the struggle of living with a pet in your home… You pick your perfect pet. You organize your home, accessorize for their well-being, and are excited to tell everyone about them. But when you go through the process of having a pet, you discover something horrible… […]


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