Ok you’ve found yourself searching for carpet cleaning service professionals by using the phrase “carpet cleaning near me”.

Identifying a local company can be a bit tricky.

I’m writing this article to help everyone find the closest carpet cleaning near you, but also share some tips on selecting the right carpet cleaner for you.

There’s a strategy that will help you identify the best, and worst service providers in your local area without a lot of extra work. Yes, you could keep calling cleaners. But this is complicated and it takes lots of time.  Instead, you get to know a few key things to look for. It takes less work and delivers faster results.

#1. Check Google maps by searching “carpet cleaning near me”.

Most businesses should have a Google Maps Listing

If they don’t, they could be a newer company with out a lot of experience.

Just go to google maps into your web browser. After your there…type in “carpet cleaning near me”, and you will see plenty of options.

Here’s an example of Benchmark Restoration & Cleaning Google Maps Listing. Check our local listing here  As you can see if you are looking for carpet cleaning in Portland OR, we’re near you.

#2. Check for carpet cleaning certifications

Are they well educated? Check for an IICRC logo if they are an IICRC member.

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration

This is who identifies best practices, and updates training expections for this industry.

3. Do they guarantee their work?

Our guarantee is simple: If you are not completely thrilled with the service experience you receive, let us know immediately and will rush back to your location to make things right!

Even if you do find a carpet cleaner near you, make sure they stand behind their service.

4. Do they use top quality products?

Poor quality products can harm not only your carpet, but also your family.

Chances are if the price is really low, so is their product quality.

We refuse to use discount products. Cheap Products can damage your floors and fabrics.

The ONLY products we use are from BioCare™, and are safe for both the outside environment and your indoor environment.


If you want to find the carpet cleaners near you.

Following these steps will help you find someone local, but also of a good quality for your clean

To start, do your google maps search, include your city.

EXAMPLE: carpet cleaning near me portland oregon

If who you have been considering, do not have a google business listing, they may not have the experience your looking for.

You should look to find if they have industry certifications, and are well educated

Once you’ve found a good carpet cleaner in your local area, see if they guarantee their work

How have you found a good local carpet cleaner?