Carpet Cleaning Portland

Introduction to BenchMark

Hi, I’m Adam Vermilyea, Operations Manager from BenchMark Restoration & Cleaning,

I’d like to tell you about a cleaning system we’ve created that’s going to help you get the CORRECT carpet cleaning for your carpet.

And we’ve found that when we introduce our clients to this system, it’s the start to their carpets becoming truly clean.

Before that, I’ll tell you how BenchMark Restoration & Cleaning got started.

We started in the carpet cleaning industry in 1988. Although there was a growing demand for carpet cleaning, we intentionally maintained ourselves as a successful small business in the Portland, and SW Washington area.

The customer service story

I had a chance meeting at a Home & Garden show with one of our clients.

She was holding our cleaning brochure, so I asked her “Hey, do you like that company?”

And she said “I love this company, matter of fact I just scheduled them for the third time.”

I wanted to know more, so I started to ask her more questions: “what makes you like them so much?”, and what I found out was really shocking.

She couldn’t tell my why, but she also was certain she’d found the right carpet cleaner for her.

She loved our service, in other words loved our brand, but she couldn’t remember the specifics of the services she’d gotten.

We continued to talk, and I asked her why she decided to use us that very first time.

She revealed a story, that I will never forget.

She was getting a bad experience from her previous carpet cleaner, only she didn’t know it.

He didn’t take the time to protect corners of walls, the chemicals he used left behind lasting odors, and he used her water, and sewer get rid of the waste.

She was being taken advantage of and many others get that same experience in our industry And how could they know?

Why she loves us, and didn’t know why, was because of the million little things we focus on getting right – the details.

We exist because we care about the details

Yes, your plants, walls & lawn will be protected.

The technicians are masters at what they do, not apprentices.

Eventually I told her who I was, and we had a good laugh.


Well, her story never left me because it taught me a really valuable lesson, I knew we were vastly different and better than other cleaners, but how could anyone tell?

I realized that we need to explain the details of our carpet cleaning with absolute clarity.

So we went back to the drawing board and focused on creating the cleaning system that people receive today.

We crafted that service framework, based on what my new friend (and client), should have received.

I won’t go into all the details here because this only an introduction to BenchMark Restoration & Cleaning, but I can give you some highlights.

  • We measure everything. That’s why our name is BenchMark because we test, measure, then we only implement based on the successful results.
  • All cleans are environmentally-friendly, using only BioCare™ Cleaning Solutions.
  • EVERY technician has passed our extensive apprenticeship program
  • We pH balance every carpet so there is never a sticky residue left behind