Air Duct Cleaning Tips

You want your cleanest home ever? Who doesn’t right? Air Duct Cleaning can help you with that!

But to do that you have to up your game.

After all, In The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality the Environmental Protection Agency says your indoor air quality can be more polluted than the air outside.

That’s means your up against stiff competition.

If everyone’s doing the same things, you’ll need to take things a step further to climb ahead of the allergies, dirt & dust.

One of the biggest myths of cleaning your home is thinking you can stick to what everyone else is doing.

It’s not always true.

Here’s a list of somewhat unique air duct cleaning tips to really jumpstart your house cleaning efforts.

When you’re running home with little time, you need legitimate tips that improve the cleanliness of your home.

That’s what we’re exploring today.

1. How Air Duct Cleaning Works.

It sounds obvious, but I’ve worked with lots of home owners who ignore free cleaning tips. Don’t do that.

It’s important to understand that you don’t need to pay money DIY cleaning tips.

There are plenty of free tips that can help you. Let’s run them down.

First, there’s your filters.air duct cleaning

Keeping & replacing your air filters automatically can change the production of dust into your home.

Regularly monitor your hvac filters and replace when needed.

Another is to have your hvac system serviced by a hvac specialist

Certified providers, review based decision making, and more can be found through Angie’s List’s service.

The most commonly used in probably the search field on their home page.

Pay close attention to what specific details say about a company in their reviews.

Air ducts send forced air through ducts usually under your house and in the walls to registers that allow the heated, or cooled air to circulate evenly throughout your home.

This regulates temperature fluctuation.

It can also cause unwanted contaminants and pollutants to travel.

2. Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Important.

Air duct cleaning’s primary focus in air quality in your home.

But, it also increases energy savings, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, much of the energy transmitted in the home is wasted.

Air Duct Cleaning is a way to inspect the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

3. When To Do Air Duct Cleaning?

They say 3-5 Years. That’s if you are having your ducts inspected and HVAC system serviced on a regualar basis, which should be 2 times a year.

Many people clean out their ducts from the register side just before spring, and at the beginning of fall.

They do this to alleviate allergens as asthma concerns

4. Air Duct Cleaning Disinfection.

This is not usually recommended for Do-it-yourself air duct cleaning.

It involves allowing a anti-microbial treatment to flow through the air system.

This is best left to the a professional air duct cleaner.

5. Will Air Duct Cleaning Help With Allergies?

Many things can be found in air ducts.

Not to sound scary, but dust mites, rodent feces, even mold can grow in or on your air ducts.

You breathe the are flowing through your ducts.

If allergens are present, they will be airborne in your home.

6. Does Air Duct Cleaning Improve Airflow?

The answer is yes!

One of the biggest benefits to air duct cleaning, is a more efficient system.

Many people find that they have less need to turn up their heat, or air conditioning

Because the airflow increase causes the home to regulate temperature easier.


Air Duct Cleaning is a complicated subject.

It may look easy to do from reading blogs like this.

It’s not.

It took me several years of constant work to get my air duct cleaning services to where it is today.

I’m still not satisfied with it.

That’s why I continue constantly improving my services today.

Don’t just stick to these tips. They’re only a starting point.

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