Want to appreciate your new home/classroom??? Here’s the top 10 ways to keep your house clean, so you can become the greatest teacher ever.

Let’s move beyond the common cleaning ideas (vacuum, mop, counters) you see over and over — like “how to” — and bring some new blood to the mix with these 10 cleaning services you employ in your home.

1. Who Else Wants To Have Clean Air?

Air Duct Cleaning is one of the most direct ways to improve your indoor air quality. We are seeing a huge jump in Air Duct Cleaning to start out the new “Home School Year”. If your kids, or grandkids are prone to allergies, or asthma irritants, consider air duct cleaning as a viable way to keep them on track with their studies, and you will find yourself sleeping a lot sounder, when collapsing after another tough day as your home’s #1 teacher!

2. The Secret Behind Hardwood Cleaning…

Hardwood Cleaning is another big help. Do you find the dust-bunnies accumulating? Or is your hardwood (or LVT) just not “pop” like it used too. Hardwood floor cleaning will surprise and astonish you. Often times over-the-counter hardwood cleaners will say they do not have a wax in them…what they leave out is they still use a residue to make it look shiny. The secret is, just like wax, these “no-wax solutions” still leave behind a residue that can build up! Hardwood cleaning removes this build up without stripping off the finish. Give it a try and see.

3. A Method That Is Helping Carpets Look New

With carpet cleaning, free stain and spot removals should be complimentary. With all residential cleans, we include stains and spot cleans. If you are noticing your time at home increase because of quarantine, or home schooled kids, carpet stains are on the rise! If you are seeing tea, coffee, or juice stains, have no fear. With a carpet cleaning we will remove these with no hassle, and no extra charge.

4. A Little-Known Way To Remove Dust From You Home.

Area Rugs were originally made to capture dust and, to help keep air in a living space clean. Now we buy area rugs because it looks right and, “it really ties the room together”. but they still do their original job of collecting dust and debris. Often we remove more than a pound of dust and dirt from an area rug we are cleaning. Imagine…your area rug could be holding onto one pound of dust that launches into the air when you walk over it! Area Rug Cleaning can help out a lot!

5. Get Rid Of Heavy Stains On Your Tile & Grout.

With Tile & Grout Cleaning, we focus on the bacterial growth that presents itself as mildew and dark staining typically on the grout lines.

When we perform this service, we always use an anti-microbial agent that inhibits the growth of organic matter for an extended period of time.

If we also seal the grout, our sealant comes with an additional anti-microbial treatment that remains behind to protect your tile and grout long after the clean is complete!

7. Now You Can Have Dust-Free Furniture, and Make it Look New!

Ever see dust floating through your home in the fall sunlight? Here’s a secret, when you sit down in a chair, microscopic dust particles can launch into the air, right into your breathing space. With every furniture cleaning, we actually take the same amount of time dry vacuuming your upholstery first! Then, you can be sure that your furniture is as clean as it possible can be.

8. Dry Your Clothes Faster Than The Sahara Desert.

Cleaning dryer vents is a client favorite this time of year. As relative humidity increases, and the lint has built up over the year retains more moisture, our friends notice it takes longer to dry their clothes! More electricity, more time, and more frustration. Check out our Dryer Vent Cleaning services sere.

9. Have A Clean Deck or Patio You Can Be Proud Of.

Leaves, sticks, ash that rain glued to your deck or patio. The last thing you want is your friends over and miss out on the final days of good weather! Cleaning it off with a hose will work, but who has the time, or the right rubber boots. Ok, get the rubber boots anyway…you deserve them.

Pressure washing services are another fall favorite, especially to clean the ash (which can turn into lye btw.) and corrode your porch or patio’s finish! With your new rubber boots, your porch all cleaned, and your friends over you will be ready for the season!

10. What Everybody Ought to Know About Patio Furniture.

In spring, getting out the patio furniture is an exciting event! Good weather is on the way…But now fall has arrived, we start looking at the hard knocks our poor furniture has been taking.

The Dust, Debris, Ash, and that wine spill no one is supposed to know about persist! If you Clean your patio furniture at the end of the season, you hold off, a large unexpected purchase come spring! We often see our clients having us soft wash their patio furniture when preparing to “batten-down-the-hatches” for the end of fall…are you ready?

Whether you are at work, working from home, or have become your households teacher of the year (my wife’s the front-runner…), all of these services will enhance the appreciation you have for your home come the winter of discontent. Keep it up, your doing better than you probably expected!

You’re on it, right?